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Top 8 proven study hacks | Scholars Hub Being a student who enjoys sleeping, I can’t manage to stay awake all the night and read chapter after chapter. I feel that there are more efficient ways to study to achieve greater results. I have researched and eventually found the best study hacks to study smarter and get high scores. Here I am sharing 8 proven study hacks that might be useful for you. Study in chunks The psychology says that learning in chunks is a quite better option if you want to remember the things for a longer period. Instead of cramming all the details of a topic, you should learn a specific topic by breaking it down into small topics. If you are in a situation where you have to learn a large amount of information, try to slice them in many small topics. This is one of the main study hacks that will help you to remember the information powerfully. Take regular breaks During the long study sessions, it has been advised to take regular breaks for better focus each time you resume studying. Taking frequent breaks while studying helps in retaining what you've learned. Furthermore, it keeps you motivated and concentrated. Practice is the key Create a realistic exam-like atmosphere at your study place to practice your previous test papers. By doing this, you would be able to give your 100% during the actual exam. Teach your stuffed kids Why not teach a class of stuffed toys to make yourself understand the topics you just learned! Research has proved that this is the best way to learn. Hence, if you want to understand something, teach someone else. Listen to music It is said that it is essential to create a peaceful environment while studying with no disturbance. But sometimes, it bores the person as well. Some light music is here for the rescue! Play your favorite songs that might end up fighting the boredom. Moreover, it is significant to choose the right music too. Google is your best friend Feel free to Google the queries you have in your mind! You can save your time by learning on the leading search engine in the whole wide world. Don’t stay up all night before exam You must ensure that you get sufficient sleep before the exam day. While sleeping, our brain absorbs all the knowledge in the mind resulting in remember it when you need it during the exam. Meditate Meditation is one of the most crucial factors that help in boosting your concentration level. It further helps in cutting down pre-exam stress and promotes mental as well as physical health. Here are the study hacks and tips we have gathered to guide you for better grades in the future. Our main ultimate piece of advice is to stay positive. Let us know if any of the above tips helped you in any way.
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